How to get great results from your vertical antenna.

This video is the concluding chapter of Tim's (G5TM) long-running series on the theory and practice of hf vertical antennas.

In this segment, Tim discusses the ideal length of a vertical antenna for DX purposes and the limitations imposed by using a single wire for multiband coverage.

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Here are some remarks from Tim (G5TM):

This is the final video in my vertical antenna series. I will put links to the others below. In this video let's look at the right lengths for different series of bands, and how realistic it is to get a great DX performance across lots of bands with a single radiator vertical. VERTICAL ANTENNA SERIES: Video 1: A VERY Basic Guide to Antenna Efficiency    • Vertical Antenna ...   Video 2: Vertical Antenna Size & Antenna Efficiency    • HAM RADIO: Vertic...   Video 3: How Many Ground Radials Do You REALLY Need?    • HAM RADIO: How Ma...   Video 4: Best Vertical Antenna Lengths for DX    • BEST VERTICAL ANT...   Support the channel by liking, subscribing, and commenting. Follow me on Twitter: Email:


Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).



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