Easy Slim Jim/J-Pole Dual Band Antenna Build for 2m/70cm.

Thanks to Mike (M0MSN) for this "Slim Jim"/"J-Pole" antenna idea.

This dual band (2m/70cm) antenna is easy to build and will give you a bit more gain than a 1/4 vertical whip.

This variant of  the popular "Slim Jim"/"J-Pole" antenna is suitable for both home and field use.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cid6yycOfqA.

Here are some comments from Mike (M0MSN):

HAM RADIO: Easy SlimJim / J-Pole Dual band Antenna Build for 2m/70cm, Thanks to a book I purchased many moons ago, I have found the perfect way to pass a rainy day. make a 2M / 70cm Slim Jim or J-Pole. Not just the standard J-Pole but one that uses a decoupling stub so that you get the maximum power on both bands.......... You need: 1.5M of 300 Ohm ladder line 15cm /6 inches of RG176 or RG316 coax and that's it, Bobs your uncle. Many thanks Mike - M0MSN To get notified of the next upload .click that bell and subscribe..

 Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).


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