Slot Antennas for Ham Radio

If you like experimenting with interesting and often challenging Amateur Radio antennas, then this installment from the "DigiCommCafe" is for you!

In this video, John (W6NBC) and Henry (K5DCC) discuss the theory, history, building, testing, and use of "Slot Antennas" for Amateur Radio.  A thoroughly enjoyable, informative presentation of an often ignored antenna design for radio amateurs.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box:

Here are some comments from John (W6NBC):

This CafeCast was recorded in the DigiCommCafe, a virtual ham radio buffet located at the intersection of FAITH and TECHNOLOGY in the beautiful Ozarks of northwest Arkansas. Our purpose is to help build interest in the amateur radio hobby and provide a safe place for hams and non-hams to meet where we all respectfully LISTEN, ACKNOWLEDGE and SHARE within a "Culture of Kindness". Like a buffet, amateur radio has a large menu of entrees that covers the gammut of radio communications. We encourage all our patrons to simply pick what you like and leave the rest. Join our Mighty Network (our very own Facebook alternative at and tell us more about how you are enjoying our great hobby. Sit down with us regularly in our Telegram Voice Chat Studio at and enjoy your morning coffee in TheCafe. Introduce yourself and meet our regulars. Be prepared to share as we may ask you..."What's Your Story"? SUBSCRIBE:



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