Simple Mobile HF Antenna | K7SW Ham Radio

Many radio amateurs enjoy portable or field operations with their mobile HF antenna systems.  The key to these easy-to-carry
antennas is a sturdy, weather-resistant mount for the various masts and wires associated with mobile operations.

In this video from K7SW, we see one mobile installation that is perfect for remote locations.  This installation could also be used in small backyard or gardens.

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Here are some comments from K7SW:

This is a top favorite antenna mount system for me. I have installed these mounts on each vehicle i have owned over the years. For those times when you just want to operate from your car or truck, and you need a fast setup, these mounts provide results This installation is on a Jeep and very flexible to use. Thank you for asking me to share this mount Andrew. Using the links below to purchase items in the video from our affiliate links below, costs you nothing more and helps us to earn a small commission for the channel and supports making more Videos like this. ­čö╣Hustler quick disconnect ­čö╣Chameleon 17 foot Whip ­čö╣Hustler 20meter resonator ­čö╣Hustler 40meter resonator ­čö╣Hustler MO-2 54" fold over mast ­čö╣Single Groove CB radio mount ­čö╣Heavy Duty SO-239 Stud Mount ­čö╣Breedlove Mounts ­čö╣1/2" x 5' Tinned ground strap ­čö╣Firestick SO-239 stud mount for antennas ­čö╣15 foot RG8x Coax Thanks for watching ­čĹŹ

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM)


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