3Y0J Bouvet Telescopic Masts

3Y0J Bouvet Telescopic Masts.

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3Y0J Bouvet Telescopic Masts

3Y0J Bouvet Telescopic Masts

“We are pleased to announce the new Bouvet series of telescopic masts, the ALU-3Y0J made from anodized aluminum and the GLV-3Y0J, made from galvanized steel.

Both masts are designed to support at 9m full height the antennas that will be used during the upcoming DX-pedition to Bouvet island on January 2023, in extreme wind loads (35m/sec – 125Km/hr).  

The ALU-3Y0J has 4 sections from thick 4mm anodized aluminum and can support an antenna load of 25 Kg/1.2mat 9m operating height. It weighs only 30 Kg and it is 2.7m when closed.”

The GLV-3Y0J can support an antenna load of 14 Kg/0.7mat 8.9m operating height. It has also 4 sections, made from 1.8mm galvanized steel, its weight is 32 Kg and it is 2.7m when closed.

Both masts are equipped with inox wire ropes for elevation, galvanized hand winch & galvanized steel base. Masts are pre-assembled, so a single person can setup the mast within minutes, installing only the hand winch and the base. A security pin can be inserted at 4 different preset positions, to eliminate stress in wire rope & winch.

Optional accessories are:

Car wheel mounting base for portable installations, using your car’s tire as anchoring point.

Side-wall bracket for permanent installation

Ready to use quality guying ropes made by Mastrant.

MaterialAnodized AluminumGalvanized Steel
Max. height9m8.8m
Number of sections4×2.5m4×2.4m
Min.height (closed)2.8m2.7m
Weight (mast only)29 Kg31 Kg
Max. wind load1.2m2 @ 35m/sec0.7m2 @ 35m/sec
Shipping dimensions290x20x15cm290x20x15cm
Shipping weight38 Kgr40 Kgr
Price (EXW Athens, Greece)€ 1,100.00€ 600.00
Shipping cost to Europe (estimated)€ 120.00€ 140.00

See More: https://silcom-ant.gr/


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