Laying Down Ground Radials for Vertical Antenna.

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For me, the worst part of using a HF Vertical Antenna is cutting and installing a radial ground system.  Without a good counterpoise or ground radial system, you won't be able to get maximum performance from you new vertical antenna. 

In this video, Kris ("dixielandfarm") takes us step by step in the installation of a vertical antenna ground system.  Here are some of his observations:

"In this video I show how I lay down ground radials to help improve the signal/efficiency of my 40m 1/4 Vertical Antenna. Remember, more radials that are shorter are better than fewer that are longer. The general rule is put down 4 wavelengths of wire in the ground and try to get about 16-20 radials installed. If you can't make it perfect, don't worry. If you can't do 360 degrees worth of radials, don't worry!"


Another way you can reduce the ground radial installation process is to use an elevated radial system. On the higher HF bands (20m through 10m), this may be preferable to digging up your lawn.

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