Thursday, February 20, 2020

End Fed Half Wave Antenna-11 Bands One Antenna

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In this intriguing video from Steve Ellington, we learn how to build a super antenna covering 11 amateur/ham radio bands.  Although this antenna is a bit more complex than your average dipole or 1/4 wavelength vertical, most radio amateurs should be able to build this versatile antenna with a little patience and creativity.

Steve explains how he created this antenna:

"What started out as an 8 band antenna now covers 11 bands. The EFHW transformer can be bypassed with this relay which turns the antenna into a 130' end fed. It now resonates on 160, 60 and 6 meters when in the bypassed position. If the 160m antenna appears to be too long, insert a series capacitor in the antenna lead between the boxes. I found that I needed .0015uf. Voltage rating needs to be at least 1 kv for higher power. You can install the capacitor externally or internally. See our Facebook group for end fed antennas: Link to home brew diy transformer"
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