Making open wire feed line. Post 2153.

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Open wire feed line is an excellent way to connect your transceiver to a HF dipole antenna.  Used with an antenna "tuner", balanced feed line can make your antenna cover several Amateur/Ham Radio HF bands.

In this video from Peter Parker (VK3YE), we learn how to make this inexpensive, durable feed line from locally available materials.

Here are some guidelines from Peter:

"Open wire feedline is a cheap and low-loss feedline ideal for feeding HF dipoles. Open wire can tolerate significant impedence mismatches without adding much loss and in conjunction with a balanced antenna coupler allows multiband operation on a single dipole. Unlike a coax fed antenna the length of the dipole is not critical but for best efficiency aim for a minimum 3/8 wavelength at the lowest operation frequency (ie 30 metres for 3.5 MHz or the 80 metre band). Open wire should ideally be fed away from the antenna wire at right angles (to maintain balance) and kept away from metal objects such as masts and guttering. If using a mast in the middle of the antenna a timber one such as shown here is recommended. A suitable antenna coupler to use is the Z-match by VK5BR:"
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