Windom Antenna. Post 2045.

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Another "classic" multiband HF antenna to consider is the "Windom Antenna", originally designed around 1922 by Loren G. Windom (ex-W8GZ).

Windom's original design was fed by a single wire connected on 1/3 of the antenna's total length, with modern versions using balanced line and coaxial cable to feed this off-center fed dipole.

Windom's design often created RFI and SWR problems because it had no "return conductor" or shied on the single feed wire.  Modern versions have largely solved the common mode and RFI problems found with this antenna.

In this video, Stan Gibilisco (W1GV) provides an excellent review of the theory, construction, and use of this nearly 100-year-old design.  If you build and test this antenna carefully, it will give you years of contacts at minimal cost.

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