The Amazing Doublet Dipole G5RV. Post 1707.

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If you need a simple, multiband HF antenna capable of working all amateur radio bands between 80 and 10 meters, then "The Amazing G5RV Dipole Doublet" described by "AnythingWithWheels" may be what you need.

In this video, we get a complete review of the popular MFJ-1779M doublet antenna.  The antenna uses a balanced feed line, a current balun (1:4), and an antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner") to achieve multiband HF capability.  If you can erect only one antenna to cover several amateur radio bands, then the "classic" doublet antenna is a satisfactory solution.

I've used this doublet antenna design at my QTH for several years without major problems.  My current arrangement uses 102-feet/31.09 meters of number 14 AWG house wire for the horizontal portion of the dipole, 100-feet/30.48 meters of 450 ohm ladder line to feed the antenna, a 1:4 current balun connected to the balanced feedline, and a short run of RG-8 coaxial cable (10-feet/3.04 meters) leading from the balun to my trusty Drake MN-4 antenna "tuner."  The horizontal portion of the antenna is supported by two 33-feet/10.06 meters long telescoping fiberglass masts.

Try a classic doublet antenna.  You won't be disappointed.

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