Building a 1 foot junk box magnetic loop final design and on-air test. Post 1723.

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Here's part two of Kevin Loughin's (KB9RLW) mini magnetic loop antenna.  In part one, we did some preliminary design work and began basic construction.  In part 2, Kevin finalizes his design and begins on-air testing.  Does this small loop antenna really work?  Here's Kevin's answer:

"After much experimentation I'm finally done with the mini magnetic loop. Built from scrounged junk in my basement, it works surprisingly well. I've made many contacts on it, and using WSPR, it's covered the US with half a watt. Video of the original build here: Video of the custom HV trimmer cap I made for this loop here: And finally, a video of my build of a simple field strength meter I use while testing the loop:"

Perhaps you would like to make an antenna similar to Kevin's for portable or emergency use. Kevin provides several useful links to start your own mini mag loop project. Radio amateurs living in deed-restricted properties (HOAs/CC&Rs) will find this project in getting and staying on the air.
Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).


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