Simple Ham Radio Antennas--The Windom Antenna. Post #717.

The Windom Antenna
Accessed on 16 March 2016, 05:46 hours.
Author:  C.E. "Buck" Rogers (K4ABT).
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If you want to experiment with dipole antennas, why not try designing, building, and using the classic "Windom" Antenna?  This antenna dates back to 1923 when William Litell Everitt began working with simple off center fed dipoles.  In the intervening years, the off center fed dipole, used with either ladder line or coaxial cable, has become a basic multiband antenna used around the world.

C.E. "Buck" Rogers (K4ABT) has written an exhaustive study of this classic wire antenna, tracing its history back to the early 1920s and bringing the design up to date for 2016.

Rogers illustrates some of the basic OCF designs with a variety of graphs, SWR plots, and patterns.  He provides essential dimensions for wire length, antenna feed options, and suitable baluns that will enable you to use amateur radio bands between 80 and 6 meters without an antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner").  Antenna tuners can be used to extend coverage down to 160 meters.  His instructions are clear and easily understood.

If you feel adventuresome, try a classic HF antenna such as the Windom or one of its off center fed variants.  You may be pleasantly surprised with the performance of this "oldie, but goodie" from our amateur radio past.

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