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Today is a solemn day for those who call a
radio newsroom home.  Nine years ago today
I was on the early shift (in Hawaii) when the
World Trade Center was hit by aircraft, re-
sulting in the loss of approximately 3,000 lives.
From that day forward, nothing in this nation
remained unchanged.  I'll leave the diatribes and
finger pointing to others, but to me, the event
reinforced the need to be prepared, both in
protecting our communities and in keeping
amateur radio communications intact.  Since
that awful day almost a decade ago, I've tried
to have backup plans in place for the shack--
reserve power, spare rigs, extra wire, tools,
and reference material. I've also kept a supply
of food, medical supplies, fuel for the car, and
money on hand just in case the integrated society
we inhabit comes apart.  Preparation, training, and
a positive attitude can go a long way in maintaining
your sanity in a world that appears to have lost all
reason and a sense of reality.  Enjoy your weekend.
73 de the Big Island.  KH6JRM.


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