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As Labor Day winds down, yours truly will be securing the
radio station news room and preparing for the coastal drive
to the qth in Laupahoehoe.  The weekend was busy, with
the usual parades, holiday events, and the drag races at the
Hilo Drag Strip.  I'm the tower announcer for the races, an
enjoyable diversion from the usual gloom and doom of the
news cycle.  When I get back to the shack, I'll finish the
Novice Antenna Handbook by the late Lew McCoy.  The
book is a useful primer for those of us who want to erect
simple, yet effective antennas at minimum cost.  On my
postage stamp sized rural lot, I've erected several of his
proven designs.  Currently, I'm using an under the house
40-meter loop (great for local nets) and a modified vertical,
using one vertical element and one elevated counterpoise.
The system is fed with 300-ohm twin lead through a 1:4
balun for 40 to 10 meter coverage.  Nothing fancy, but
it does work from my Central Pacific location.  I could
surely use more space, but I work with what I have.  Once
the XYL and I get the house built, we'll have more space
to erect more efficient skyhooks.  Our land has room to
spread out--enough for full-sized antennas, a radio shack
detached from the house, and a garden to help trim food
costs.  Meanwhile, I'll enjoy what I have.  The important
thing is to get on the air and maximize the station you have.
'Hope your holiday was enjoyable...73 de KH6JRM.


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