Sunday, May 16, 2010

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'Back again after another exciting week in the KKBG-FM
KHLO-AM news room.  Never a dull moment around
here with more than enough oil spills, intrigue, and local
corruption to cast forth on the airwaves. ' Sort of makes
me glad to close shop and go back to the ole Swan
100-MX for some cw therapy.  I just finished reading
an interesting series by Eric Nichols, KL7AJ, on
"Plasma Physics for the Radio Amateur, I-IV."  This
series is pretty good stuff, fully understandable, and
easy to apply to one's current antenna situation.  You
can find the series at hrrp://  My
antenna activities are doing well, with another vertical
antenna modification in the works.  This time around the
Smith Chart, I'll be building a vertical dipole for the 20-
meter band.  I'll use my old 33' MFJ fiberglass mast for
the project. 'Should be fun.  Meanwhile, under the house
40-meter loop is doing well as a NVIS antenna.  The
loop also does a pretty good job on 15 and 10 meters
when those bands are open. 'Hope your weekend has
been productive and enjoyable.  It's back to the grind-
stone in14 hours, so I'd better drift on home, get in a
few hours of cw, and call it a day.  Aloha from the Big
Island.  KH6JRM (Russ).

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