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After a few busy weeks at the radio station news-
room, it's time to break away and head for the
amateur radio station at the ole qth.  I really
haven't done to much operating because of
work is a 24/7 require-
ment these days.  Anyway, it's time to re-
place the old, weather-beaten MFJ mast
which has taken a real beating from the trop-
ical sun and rain.  I'll reposition my Jackite
mast, which has served as a temporary back-
up.  This mast is well-made and should do
better than the MFJ.  The temporary arrange-
ment using a 33' piece of wire, base tuner, and
4-tuned counterpoise wires will be used until I
get some time to do a quality installation.  This
system will be used with my under the house
40-meter loop to provide good local and DX
contacts.  Nothing fancy here...but it works.
Have a good weekend...good DX.  Aloha and
73 from the Big Island.  KH6JRM (Russ).


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