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How the time flies when you're having fun. Not that
working in the radio station newsroom is all doom
and gloom, but now that my weekend shift is just
about over, I'm glad the cares of the world and our
financially-strapped state can be left behind until early
Monday morning when the news cycle begins anew.
I'm happy to squeeze in a few hours of amateur radio
operations--this provides a needed break from the
concerns of the "real" world.  The 40-meter loop
beneath my house is doing well for a "cloud warmer".
The noise level on this balanced lined antenna is very
low and it's a joy to listen to contacts without the usual
level of noise in my area.  Proximity to power lines surely
doesn't help, but the loop seems fairly insenstive to this
type of vertically polarized rfi.  The loop is great for my
local Hawaii state contacts.  The backyard vertical does
alright for DX, considering the dinky lot that encloses my
rental house. I'm not disappointed in the performance of
either antenna once I consider how inexpensive it was to
create either one.  Have a good weekend and try to remain
positive the doom sayers.  Allow at least one day to do some-
thing good for yourself, community, and loved ones.  Aloha
from Laupahoehoe. 73, KH6JRM (Russ).


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