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When You Least Expect It, Expect It! Post #729

Antenna Feed Line Problems: Expect the unexpected ( Accessed on 28 March 2016, 00:03 hrs, UTC. Author:  Patrick Greenlee (NJ5G). Please click title link to read the full article. Comment: This intriguing article from Patrick Greenlee (NJ5G) entitled "When You Least Expect It, Expect it!" can apply to many radio amateurs who have unexplained and often frustrating SWR problems on their coaxial fed antennas.  In the past whenever I ran into the problem described by Patrick, I just "junked" the old coax, substituted a new coax cable feeder, checked SWR, and continued to enjoy "warming the ether."  Patrick has taken this troublesome issue one step further. He actually dissected his old coax to find the real cause of the unwieldy SWR readings he was getting.  He eventually discovered that the inner wire of the coax had shorted to the coax shield, thus giving erratic SWR readings.  He also found some coax "barrel&