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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Working 160M from a small lot. Post #979.

Working 160M from a small lot ( ( Author:  Jim Brown (K9YC). Accessed on 12 December 2016, 07:05 hrs, UTC. Please click the title link or insert the title URL into your browser search box to read the full report. Comment: If you ever wondered what it would take to operate the "Top Band" or "Gentlemen's Band" (160 Meters) from a small lot, then turn to this extensive 109-page treatise from Jim Brown (K9YC).  The study is presented in the pdf format and must be downloaded to your PC, Mac, Laptop, or Tablet. This well-written and thoroughly fascinating study will answer most questions about operating on the frequencies just above the medium wave AM Broadcast Band.  As you can imagine, designing, building, and using antennas for this band can be challenging. Don't let restricted space stop you from enjoying one of the legacy bands in Amat