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Vertical Antennas for 160 Meters/CQ 160 Contest SSB

  Building, erecting, and testing a full-sized dipole antenna for the 160 Meter Amateur Radio Band can be a challenging, difficult task.  It may be easier and cheaper to make a vertical antenna for the "Top Band." In this video, the contest team of "Steve and Steve" used two verticals to score well in a recent "CQ Magazine" 160 Meter SSB Contest. If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: Here are some comments from "Steve and Steve": Team Steve & Steve give an overview two vertical antennas that we use for the CQ 160 ssb Contest. We switched to a vertical design in order to pick up more DX stations. A dipole for 160M is nearly impossible to get high enough for DX. These two really worked well this year for us. Design and measurements below. Steve Ad4xt 1/4 wave elevated vertical: Base was 10' high vertical element 130' 14ga. copper stra