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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--The Double Bazooka Antenna - A Review. Post #416.

A comprehensive review by Rob Wagner (VK3BVW) of the 40 meter Double Bazooka Antenna made by IAC Antennas ( Rob's video explains the theory behind the bazooka antenna and how it can be erected safely. The 40 meter version of the antenna is 51 meters long (167.28 feet) and is made from RG-58 coaxial cable and 300 ohm twin lead. The antenna is fairly immune to noise and offers some gain over a dipole antenna. There are two caveats concerning this antenna: The antenna is longer than a half-wavelength 40 meter dipole and is a bit heavier than its half-wave cousin. You will need two strong end supports for the antenna, since it tends to sag in the middle. You may also need another person to help you erect the antenna. My experience with the double bazooka antenna is limited to a 10 meter version I made as a general class operator back in the late 1970s. That antenna was homebrewed and performed very well. If you wish to build this type of antenna,