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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--The WH2T mini short loop antenna. Post #997.

The WH2T mini short loop antenna ( Author:  Simone (IW5EDI). Accessed on 30 December 2016, 21:45 hrs, UTC . Please click title link or enter the title URL into your browser searchbox. Comment: Loops are fascinating antennas.  They generally provide some gain over a dipole and exhibit low noise on receive. Loops can be used as multi-band HF antennas if they are designed and fed properly...almost sounds like child rearing. In this post, Simone (IW5EDI) has designed what he calls "a super mini loop antenna" capable of covering all HF Amateur Radio bands between 80 meters and 10 meters, including the WARC bands .  Simone says the inspiration for this antenna comes from an inverted triangle loop designed by Dr. Ace (WH2T). A working copy of this loop was built and used successfully by Don (K8THU). As with any loop antenna design, Simone says it's important to pay attention to details: &