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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--The $4 Special Antenna, Joe Tyburczy (W1GFH). Post # 807.

The $4 Special Antenna by Joe Tyburczy (W1GFH) ( Accessed on 16 June 2016, 05:01 hrs, UTC. Author:  Joe Tyburczy (W1GFH) and N4UJW. With the ARRL Field Day set for 25-26 June 2016, many of my fellow radio amateurs are looking for a simple antenna that can be built, erected, and used for this portable field exercise.  I ran across this article in and found that my own emergency antenna was similar to the one designed by Joe Tyburczy (W1GFH).  I carry this easily made antenna in my van along with an antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner"), a fiberglass telescoping mast, some rayon rope, #14 AWG house wire, some basic tools, a homebrewed 4:1 current balun, and 50 feet/15.24 meters of 450 ohm ladder line. I use two deep cycle marine batteries and a solar charger to run my portable station. Joe's instructions are clear and well-presented. If you use locally available materials, you should kee