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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Terminated Inverted U low noise antenna. Post #907.

Terminated Inverted U low noise antenna. ( Accessed on 26 September 2016, 19:55 hrs, UTC. Author:  Chris Moulding (G4HYG). Please click title link or insert title URL into your browser search box to read the full report. Comment: Do you live in a high-noise environment that makes HF operations difficult? Then, this article from Chris Moulding (G4HYG) may be your way out of received noise and into a better HF operating experience. Chris has come up with something he calls the "Terminated Inverted U low noise antenna."  The concept is based on the EWE antenna designed by Floyd Koontz (WA2WVL), who published an article in "QST" back in 1995. Chris says his adapted design is low noise on receive, covers a wide bandwidth between 1.8 MHz and 70 MHz, and can handle around 200 watts of power. Chris does a good job of covering the theory, construction, and use of this antenna.  He provides useful