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Simple Multi-Band Vertical Dipole. Post #1477.

Simple Multi-Band Vertical Dipole. Author:  DJ0IP. Accessed on 30 April 2018, 0005 UTC, Post #1477. Please click link or insert title URL into your browser search box. Comment: If you have a limited area to erect a multi-band HF Dipole Antenna, you may want to consider this vertical HF dipole antenna from DJ0IP. The illustration provided by DJ0IP provides all of the information you need to design, build, and operate this simple, elegant design. Here's the list of  basic materials for this antenna: A telescoping fiberglass antenna mast 12 meters/39.36 ft long.  DJ0IP uses a Spider Beam fiberglass pole to support the antenna. 6 meters/19.68 ft of wire for each antenna element for a total of 12 meters/39.36 feet. A homemade antenna center insulator.  Each antenna element is wrapped in a loose spiral for each half of the fiberglass pole. A convenient length of 450 ohm open wire feed line. A balanc