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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--NB6Zep Antenna. Post #944.

NB6Zep Antenna ( Author:  NB6Z. Accessed on 06 November 2016, 23:30 hrs, UTC. Please click link or insert title URLs to read the full article. Comment: NB6Z has published an excellent article on designing, building, and using a modified 20 meter extended double zepp antenna which covers all amateur radio bands between 40 and 10 meters. Each leg of this center-fed extended dipole is cut for 33-feet/10.06 meters in the horizontal position, with 5-feet/1.52 meters of antenna wire hanging vertically off each end. Materials include insulators, #18 gauge wire, an antenna transmatch ("tuner") and balanced feed line (450 ohm ladder line or 300 ohm tv twin lead).  If you don't have a balanced antenna "tuner", you can use a 4:1 current balun/coax cable/"tuner" combination to connect the antenna to your HF rig. If you use ladder line, the feed line wil