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N4KC's Top Five Multiband Antennas. Post 1849.

N4KC's Top Five Multiband Antennas. Post 1849. Source: Accessed on 27 April 2019, 2115 UTC, Post 1849. Copyright by Don Keith 2016. Summary: Over the past few years, I've had the pleasure of helping several new amateur radio operators get on the air with simple, easy-to-make HF and VHF antennas. Most of these antennas were made from salvaged materials or items bought at the nearest home improvement center or neighborhood hardware store.   Many of my ideas came from this article by Don Keith (N4KC), who has the unusual ability of making even the most difficult antenna questions understandable. In this post, Don recommends five simple multiband HF antennas that will get you on the air quickly with a decent signal.  Here they are along with two honorable mentions: The classic G5RV from Louis Varney (SK). The dipole fed with open wire parallel feed line. Trap verticals and dipoles. The Windom. The "Fa

Simple Ham Radio Antennas--N4KC's Top Five Multiband Antennas. Post #973.

N4KC's Top Five Multiband Antennas ( Author:  Don Keith (N4KC). Accessed on 06 December 2016, 00:25 hrs, UTC . Please click link or insert title link into your browser search box to read the article. Comment: Don Keith (N4KC) is one of my favorite amateur radio authors.  He has a genuine talent for making the overly complex simple for us non-technical folks. Such is the case for his latest article on the website.  In this article, Don lists what he considers the top five five multiband HF antennas for radio amateurs.  He also includes two honorable mentions that are gaining in popularity.  The best part of this essay is Don's encouragement for you "roll your own" antenna and just have fun experimenting with antenna designs. Based on Don's personal experience, here are the top five HF multiband antennas for ham radio operators: The G5RV antenna designed by the late Louis Varney (G5RV). While this antenna