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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Moxon Antenna Calculator. Post #1020.

Moxon Antenna Design Calculator ( Accessed on 23 January 2017, 02:45 hrs, UTC . Author:  Paul H. Evans (W4/VK9KF). Please click link or insert title URL into your browser search box to view the calculator. Comment: Thanks to Paul H. Evans (W4/VK9KF), you can now design your own Moxon Antenna online by simply plugging in wire diameter and resonant frequency . According to Paul, Moxon Antennas are fairly simple to make from commonly available materials and do very well on a wide selection of amateur radio bands . I've often assumed, incorrectly, that the popular Moxon rectangle antenna is strictly a HF antenna.  However, the small size and special far field pattern of this antenna lend it to some interesting VHF applications, including 6 and 2 meters. Paul's calculator derives from a public domain BASIC program written by L.B. Cebik (W4RNL)(SK).  That program can be found here: