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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Limited Space & Apartment Antenna | Magnetic Loop

If you can't view this video , please insert this title link into your browser searchbox:  This is post #952 in a continuing series of articles about simple ham radio antennas .  In this video from OH8STN (Survival Tech Nord), we get a basic, informative tutorial on the use of magnetic loop antennas in restricted spaces, such as apartment balconies.  This video is based on experimental work done by Dr. Carol F. Milazzo (KP4MD).  Nicely done video that may encourage you to build your own magnetic loop antenna . -------------------------------------- For the latest Amateur Radio news and information , please visit my news sites: (breaking news of interest to the amateur radio community). ( ARRL news and information for Hawaii Island radio amateurs ). If you're interested in science and technology, visit this site: If your inter