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How to work DX using a homebrew EFHW Antenna

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: One of the joys of Amateur Radio is to "go into the field" and operate with the bare minimum of equipment--a perfect way to train for emergency communications. In this video, Carl (2E0EZT) shows us how he operates under field conditions using an easily made half-wave end-fed antenna (EFHW). Here are some of Carl's general remarks: n this video I build an EFHW antenna and work portable ham radio overnight at the camping barn in the Peak District. The 49:1 unun was bought from ebay (seller no longer lists the item). Icom IC-7200 Bog standard power supply. Wire from sotabeams I would be very grateful if you could make a small donation to my paypal account, this helps me keep the channel running, many thanks You can find me on Facebook To s