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How to get On Six Meters - Introduction. Post #1387

If you can't view this video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: If you've ever wanted to get on the 6 meter amateur radio band, then this video produced in 2009 from Randy Hall (K7AGE) is just what you need.  Despite the passage of a decade since Randy's video became available online, much of what he says about "The Magic Band" still holds true. The 6 meter band (50 MHz)  has a dual personality, sharing some characteristics of both HF and VHF.  Most of the time, 6 meters is a good local or regional band, with many areas of the country having repeaters for the band and clubs dedicated to exploring the features of this segment of the radio spectrum.  Although popularity of the band has suffered a bit over the past few years because of reduced propagation, Sporatic E-Skip can boost coverage to almost 1,500 miles/2430 kilometers or even more. In this video, Randy describes the type of trans