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How to Build A 130 Watt Dummy Load for HF Ham Radio. Post #597.

If you're having trouble viewing this video, please insert this URL into your browser search box: Every ham shack needs a " dummy load " to test and tune your transmitter before it goes on the air.  This video from "69furball69" (Steve) is an innovative, homebrew approach to building your own dummy load.  Although there isn't much audio in this video, the steps are clearly laid out and easy to follow.  In essence, a dummy load is a number of non-inductive resistors in parallel to achieve 50 ohms over a wide frequency range .  The requirements of homebrew dummy load are simple:  It must be cheap; it should insure a 50 ohm load over a wide frequency range; and it must allow for the attachment of monitoring equipment to test and tune the transmitter.  You can use a clean, empty quart-sized paint can, some mineral oil to cool the resistors, and some non-inductive resistors connected in parallel for your resistive network.  I