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Hamstick Dipole set-up at WA0FSE - July 9 2016. Post 1818.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: A "Hamstick" Dipole from MFJ (HF-Stick) makes a nice, simple, portable antenna suitable for both home and field use.  In this video, WA0FSE and WX0V show us how to trim the antenna and set it up for use.  The only materials you would have to find would be a tripod, a short telescoping fiberglass rod, some coaxial feed line, and a dipole connector mating two MFJ "HF-Sticks".  Other than speaking into the backside of a microphone, initial testing of this antenna went extremely well.  Antenna experiments are a great way to learn about propagation, SWR, bandwidth, and general antenna theory.  I liked this video because of its "down to earth" and easy to understand instructions.  Yes, like our intrepid antenna experimenters, I have also used the wrong end of the microphone at times.  We're only human. For the latest