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Ground System Performance for HF Verticals, Post #1027.

Ground System Performance for HF Verticals, Part 4, How Many Radials Does My Vertical Really Need? ( Accessed on 30 January 2017, 00:10 hrs, UTC. Author:  Rudy Stevens (N6LF). Please click link or insert title URL into your browser to read the full article. The article takes you to a downloadable link which displays all five pages of the antenna study.  The original article appeared in "QEX", May/June 2009, pp.38-42. Commment: One of the drawbacks to most 1/4 wavelength verticals is the need for an extensive ground radial or counterpoise system.  In this exhaustive study done by Rudy Stevens (N6LF), we get an idea of how important ground radials are for the efficient operation of a 1/4 wavelength vertical antenna. Rudy based his experiments on the pioneering work of the late Jerry Sevick, with results closely matching those of Sevick's original investigations.  Rudy's analysis offers several conclusi