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Full Wave Loop Antenna Calculator. Post #1025.

Full Wave Loop Antenna Calculator ( Accessed on 28 January 2017, 05:25 hrs, UTC . Author: Comment: While a full wave loop antenna can be cumbersome on the lower HF bands (160 and 80 meters), they are manageable  from 40 meters through 6 meters.  Despite their size, full wave loop antennas are generally quieter than dipole antennas and show some gain broadside to the plane of the loop (approximately 2dB).  If you feed the full wave loop with 450 ohm ladder line , 300 ohm television twin lead, or homemade balanced line , the loop will be usable on all Amateur Radio bands from the design frequency and up. This article provides simple formulas for full wave loop antennas in both feet and meters.  If you prefer coaxial cable feed lines, the article gives lengths for matching 75 ohm cable to 50 ohm cable.  You can also plug the frequency in MHz into the blank space provided and push the "calcul