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Fractal Antennae. Post # 1426.

Fractal Antennae Accessed on 10 March 2018, 0256 UTC, Post #1426. Author:  AMasonAHammond. Please click link or insert the title URL into your browser search box to read the full article, view the photos, and see the fascinating video. Comment: Fractal antennas are one of the most interesting aspects of antenna experimentation.  Fractal antennas can be used for HDTV reception, the reception of FM broadcasts, and even for VHF/UHF operations by license radio amateurs.  Because of Fractal Design,  many antennas can be shrunk to smaller size and weigh less than their expanded antenna cousins.  Fractal Antennas may be of interest for radio amateurs forced to use compromise antennas because deed-restricted housing (HOAs and CC&Rs). Although this article describes the HDTV applications of Fractal Antennas, similar design and construction procedures can be followed for amateur radio applications.  The article describes four