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All About End Fed Antennas, Field Day

ARRL Field Day is set for the last full weekend in June.  If you need a simple, effective multiband HF antenna for this annual event, please consider the end-fed antenna described by Michael (KB9VBR), Joe (KD9CJX), and Jerry (W9GLG) in this short video. If you can't see the video, please go here:   All About End Fed Antennas, Field Day Educational Activity - Ham Radio Q&A - YouTube Here are some comments from Michael (KB9VBR): oe, KD9CJX and Jerry W9GLG give a presentation on end fed antennas at the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association's 2021 ARRL Field Day. This was the group's educational activity for Field Day. Become a patron! Unlock exclusive content at: Support Ham Radio Q&A by shopping at Amazon: Read my blog: Timestamp 00:00 Introduction 01:25 What is an end fed antenna 05:02 Why end fed antennas require impedance matching 07:40 Half Wave End Fed Antennas 08:1

Simple Ham Radio Antennas. Improvised Field Day Antennas. Post #283.

The 2014 ARRL Field Day is just about history as more than 35,000 amateur radio operators transmitting from 2,500 emergency sites finish the last action-packed hours in this annual communications exercise designed to test communications capabilities during man-made or natural disasters. I always enjoy Field Day activity, whether I spend a few hours operating, logging contacts, or even taking down the rapidly assembled antennas used for this part training exercise and part contest. Over the past few years, I've used some impressive rigs ( Elecraft K3) and neatly fashioned antennas, both commercial and homemade.   This year was no exception.  As usual, I put in a few hours working for my former radio station at a "Moku O Hawaii " outrigger canoe regatta on Hilo Bay before I slipped briefly over to the Field Day site of the Big Island Amateur Radio Club at the Wailoa Visitor Center in Hilo.  I'm on a retainer to work various remote broadcasts and a few sportin

Simple Antennas for the Amateur Radio Operator--a continuing series

FIELD DAY IN HILO, HAWAII The Big Island Amateur Radio Club endured rain, heat, and wind to complete another successful ARRL Field Day at Hilo's Wailoa Visitors Center. Frequent rain showers and unsafe track conditions led to the cancellation of the June Points Meet at the Hilo Drag Strip.  The closing of the track freed a few hours to enjoy the ARRL Field Day with the Big Island Amateur Radio Club.  I was only able to spend about 3 hours with club members, but I did see some interesting antennas and displays at the visitors center. When I arrived for the 0800 W start of the event, the sky was overcast with scattered showers--a perfect time to erect antennas!  By the time I got squared away, the club had erected a 40 meter vertical and a hardy cw operator starting logging in contacts on 15 meters.  The erection of the triband beam had to wait until the skies cleared and the threat of thunderstorms subsided.  While all of this was going on, the trusty vertical and a Yaesu-857

Simple Antennas for Amateur Radio Operators--a continuing series

The ARRL's annual Field Day communications exercise is coming 23 June 2012.  Field Day is one of the largest operating events in the United States and Canada.  Whether you operate from a multi-station position or run emergency power from your home, Field Day will test your creativity, endurance, and ability to withstand the forces of nature for at least one day. Since I'm commited to announcer duties for that weekend at the Hilo Drag Strip, my participation will be limited.  I plan to run class 1-C mobile from the Drag Strip using my emergency kit stashed in the Odyssey van.  While I camp overnight at the race track, I will set up the Yaesu FT-7, a few hamsticks on a mag mount with several radials, and a deep cycle marine service battery for several hours during the event.  This should be a good test under field conditions. If the first day of racing finishes early, I most likely will meet members of the Big Island Amateur Radio Club at Hilo's Wailoa Community Center f