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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Defeat NIMBYs with p-Cell's wireless antenna designed as a wire. Post #1005.

Defeat NIMBYS with p-Cells wireless antenna disguised as a wire. ( Accessed on 08 January 2017, 02:30 hrs, UTC . Author:  Cade Metz (" Wired Magazine "). Please click link or insert title URL into your browser to read the full article. Comment: Cellular telephone companies, amateur radio operators , and shortwave listeners have been fighting for several decades for the right to erect antennas in deed-restricted properties.  The fight has even entered the halls of Congress, as both the ARRL and the NAB have introduced bills to broaden the scope of antennas permitted on private property. A new device called the "p-Cell" developed by Steve Perlman and his Artemis Network may be a way out of this mess by making cellular antennas nearly invisible to self-appointed property police. Perlman says the p-Cell is only 15 mm wide and can be installed by telco technicians directly as a cable.  No pe