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Simmple Ham Radio Antennas--DIY 40m Band 1/2 Wave Dipole Antenna

If you're unable to view this video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: This is post #1013 in a continuing series of "Simple Ham Radio Antennas." With propagation favoring the lower HF bands (160, 80, and 40 meters), it may be worth the time to design, build, and use an antenna specifically for each band. In this video from the "NZRadioGuy", we see a simple, effective 40 meter dipole that is easy to make, sturdy enough to withstand the weather, and suitable for either home or portable use.  Get this 40 meter dipole about a half-wavelength above ground (66-ft/20.12 meters) and you'll have a decent antenna capable of working both local and dx stattions. For the latest Amateur Radio news and information, please visit these websites: ( breaking news