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Simple Ham Radio Antennas: Non-Resonant Random Wire Antenna. Post #352

A nice, simple, uncomplicated, and easy to understand tutorial on how to make a "Non-Resonant Random Wire" Antenna from Stan Gibiliso (W1GV). I've built a few of these non-resonant antennas of varying lengths, each using materials I found around the shack or at the nearest home improvement outlet. For the purpose of Stan's lesson, he chose a length of wire measuring approximately 250 feet/76.21 meters. If you follow Stan's simple instructions, you'll find this distant relative of the beverage antenna works very well on 160, 80/75, 40, and even 30 meters. Stan stresses the importance of having both a good electrical ground and a RF ground. Stan shows you how to avoid current loops and nodes, things that create RF problems in the shack. You will need an antenna transmatch ("tuner") to make this antenna work properly. I have a similar antenna at my vacation home in the Puna District of Hawaii Island and it works very well on 80, 75, and 40 met