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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--An introduction to HF propagation. Post #1015.

An introduction to HF propagation ( Author:  Sean D. Gilbert (G4UCJ). Accessed on 18 January 2017, 04:10 hrs, UTC . Please click link to read the full 13-page document.  Sean gives a link to download the entire report. Comment: Everything you need to know about propagation in an easily understood and clearly explained tutorial from Sean D. Gilbert (G4UCJ). Sean provides helpful maps, graphs, and photos to explain key concepts involved in propagation--the way our radio signals travel through the atmosphere and reach our target areas. The report has several sections, including: What is propagation What are the layers of the atmosphere What is MUF and the angle of radiation What are NVIS , groundwave, and skywave The IARU Beacon System Multihop signals Short and Long path propagation Grey Line propagation Sunspots and the solar cycle Sporatic E and Backscatter A & K Indices Flares, geomagnetic