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Now that things have calmed a bit after the tragic shooting incident in Tucson, Arizona on 08 January, the news cycle can return to some degree of normalcy. Having covered broadcast news for over 35 years, it never ceases to amaze me how people like this assass- in can just run loose in society without anyone doing a thing about it.  Where was the intervention for this guy who apparently had problems stretching back several years?  No telling how many others like him are milling around in society.  And what about security for our con- gressional representatives?  Just something to think about. All that has transpired during the past week makes me glad I can get away now and then and work off stress by physical exercise and pursuits such as amateur radio.  I'll spend some time this weekend repairing antennas and working some brass on the old J-38 key.  Sometimes, one just has to get away from the disfunctional everyday world and refresh the spirit.  Fishing and hiki