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A High Efficiency Extended Length Mobile Antenna. Post #1408.

A High Efficiency Extended Length Mobile Antenna ( Author:  Ralph M. Hartwell II (W5JGV). Accessed on 19 February 2018, 2013 UTC, Post #1408. Please click link or enter title into your browser search box to read the full article and view the photographs, graphs, and technical data. Comment: Operating a mobile amateur radio station can be lots of fun mixed with antenna, grounding, and installation problems common to vehicles.  In most cases, mobile amateur radio antennas tend to be small and inefficient. In this article, Ralph (W5JGV) tries to overcome these restrictions by designing, buidling, and using a mobile antenna that is sturdier and longer than the usual mobile antenna.  Ralph's multi-band mobile antenna is 3.42 meters/11 ft, 2 in long from the top of the mounting spring to the top of the antenna itself.  A shorting strap is used to operate on the 15, 12, and 10 meter bands.  Center-loaded coils are used to operate and 40 an