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7 Magnetic Loop Antennas for 7MHz. Post #1043.

7 Magnetic Loop Antennas for 7MHz ( Accessed on 14 February 2017, 20:35 hrs, UTC. Author: compilation. Please click link or enter title URL into your browser search box to read the complete article. Comment: Small magnetic loop antennas are gaining in popularity with radio amateurs who live in deed-restricted housing (HOAs and CC&Rs) or have very small urban lots with inadequate room to erect a full-length dipole antenna. Magnetic loop antennas behave as a coil with a small radiation resistance and can be designed in several shapes to fit your operating conditions.  These antennas are small compared to 1/2 wavelength antennas, making them ideal for restricted spaces or for portable use.  Magnetic loop antennas can be designed for both receiving and transmitting. In this post, we learn how to build 7 popular magnetic loop designs: A magnetic loop for HF, covering frequencies between 3.5 a