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Getting Started on 6 meters, 50mhz, THE MAGIC BAND!! Post #1322.

If you can't view this video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: If you've ever wondered what the 6 meter band holds for you, then check out this informative and laid back video from "Ham Radio Concepts" (KJ4YZI). The idea for this video came from a recent ARRL VHF contest which encouraged KJ4YZI to investigate the nature and challenges of "The Magic Band." The "magic" of 6 meters lies in its borderline location between HF and VHF, with the band showing characteristics of both HF and VHF.  Antenna requirements are modest, with a simple vertical or horizontal dipole offering plenty of contacts. KJ4YZI does an excellent job of explaining the theory, operations, antennas, and equipment needed to work this slice of the radio spectrum.  As an added feature, you get the antics of Sophie, the official mascot of KJ4YZI's ham shack. If you want a challenge in this time of