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5 Great Multiband Wire Antennas. Post #1398.

5 Great Multiband Wire Antennas ( Accessed on 09 February 2018, 20:06 UTC. Please click link to view the full post and video. If you need some new antenna ideas, check this website from  This article describes five simple, easily made antennas that can get you many contacts with minimal cost: The W5GI Mystery Antenna. 6-Band Windom Antenna from ON4AA. The 4 Bander Dipole from VK5AH. H-Pole Multiband Antenna from HB9MTN. A dual-band wire beam fro 17 and 12 meters from KG4JJH. As an added bonus, this website suggests several other antenna ideas worth pursuing, including an excellent multiband dipole video: Multiband Antenna Projects  – collection of multiband antennas (not only wire) Wire antennas  Not only multiband wire antennas G5RV Antennas W3DZZ Antennas ZS6BKW Antennas Windom Antennas Multiband Wire Antenna Videos from the Youtube Channel For the latest Ama