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5 Great Multiband Wire Antenna Projects. Post #1457.

5 Great Multiband Wire Antenna Projects. Post #1457. Accessed on 10 April 2018, 0427 UTC, Post #1457. Please click link to read the full article. Comment: The ARRL Field Day emergency communications exercise and contest is coming to a site near you on the last full weekend of June 2018 (23-24 June).  Why not build a simple, inexpensive, and effective antenna for your Field Day operation? The antenna experts at have compiled a list of five multiband wire antennas that will keep your log book full of contacts, whether or not you operate contest style during that weekend. Here are the five multiband antennas you should consider for your next portable or field operation: The W5GI Mystery Antenna.  This antenna is similar to the popular G5RV, but is a better performer, especially on 20 meters. The 6-band Windom Antenna from ON4AA.  This trapless off-center-fed dipole works well on 80, 40, 30,