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40 Meter Full Wave Loop. Post #1148.

40 Meter Full Wave Loop ( Accessed on 01 June 2017, 19:10 hrs, UTC. Author:  Greg Lane (N4KGL) of Panama City, Florida. Please click title or enter title URL into your browser to read the full article. Comment: With propagation favoring the lower HF bands this year (160, 80, and 40 meters), you may want a dedicated antenna for those bands, especially 40 meters where daytime and evening time remain fairly good. In this article, Greg Lane (N4KGL) describes a 40 meter full wave loop he used for his 2013 ARRL Field Day effort in Florida.  His antenna is a diamond-shaped loop using three, 31-foot/9.451 meters Jackite fiberglass poles and his truck to support the structure.  Each loop element was cut for the lower portion of the 40 meter band and measured 36-feet/10.975 meters, for a total length of 144-feet/43.902 meters. Here are some of the antenna details:  I considered feeding it with balanced line but decided to use