Linear loading-Antenna lengths & Conclusion

Linear loading is another way to reduce the size of amateur radio antennas without compromising performance.

In this video, Tim (G5TM) discusses the pros and cons of using this method to reduce the size of both vertical and horizontal dipole antennas.

Time reviews the optimum lengths needed to load shortened antennas.

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Here are final thoughts from Tim (G5TM):

An overview of the linear loading experiment findings and some information on antenna lengths for you. Here are the other videos in my Linear Loading journey: 1. Shortening a 40 meter quarter wave vertical:    • 40 meter portable Antenna - Short   2. Shortening a 10 metre dipole using linear loading:    • Shortening a Dipole Antenna by Linear...   3. Short 40m dipole for a small garden:    • HAM RADIO 40 Metre Dipole - Shorty Forty   4. Getting 80m into a small garden:    • Doublet Antenna Shortened For A Small...   5. Using a third wire to linear load an antenna:    • Dipole - Shortened using 3-wire Linea...  

 Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).


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