The Best Portable Ham Radio Antennas for 2023.

If you need an antenna idea for the next ARRL Field Day or for a new mini-expedition to your favorite park or summit, then this video in for you.

The "Ham Radio Dude" (W9FFF) asked some of his friends to submit their personal choices for portable antennas, and here are the results.

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Here are some comments from W9FFF:

What is the best portable antenna for 2023? I asked multiple amateur radio operators to give me their input and in this episode I will hear their feedback. Leave a comment below, what is your favorite portable antenna and why. I will soon combine the information from the "Best Ham Radios of 2023" with the information from this episode; in order to articulate the best portable setup. There are MANY antennas on the market and everyone has such different needs. This list helps compile some opinions on antennas in the portable category. Huge Thank You to everyone who participated. IF YOU LIKE THIS, please let me know. I have several ideas for more in the future. Links to participants: @K5QBF - This Side Of The Radio -   / @k5qbf   @Scout75PortableRadio -    / @scout75portabler...   @LifeAtTerminalVelocity - KD9OLN (Parachute Mobile) -    / @lifeatterminalve...   @WQ9FHamRadio - WQ9F, Kevin -    / @wq9fhamradio   Channels mentioned in the Video: @K8MRD -    / @k8mrd   @KM4ACK KM4ACK EFHW kits Product links: Where possible, the links are affiliate links: - K6ARK Antennas - BNC Binding Post Adapters 3D Printed EFHW/Dipole SO-239 Winders - Pactenna - Buddipole - @buddipole SignalStuff - Km4ack Kits - @m0mcx - DX Commander DX Commander Shop -




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